Potentialities of Eco-Tourism Industry in Arunachal Pradesh: A Study


  • Ram Krishna Mandal




Eco-tourism is one of the fastest growing industries. Eco-tourism is often perceived as a tool for promoting sustainable development in developing countries. Arunachal Pradesh “the land of dawn-lit mountains” has unparalleled natural beauty with extensive geographical diversity and climatic conditions varying from the tropical to the temperate having a variety of wildlife, flora and fauna.  Objective: The paper aims to find out the potentiality of eco-tourism in Arunachal Pradesh. Methodology: This study is descriptive type in nature based basically on data of secondary sources collected especially from published books, journals, official reports, and websites. Conclusion: Tourism industry can play a vital role in the State. As this sector is a labor-intensive industry, it can open an employment opportunity. A large number of unemployed persons can be employed by this industry. The Government should take necessary steps for development of the industry.


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06-05-2023 — Updated on 06-05-2023


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